About Forward Coupar Angus

Forward Coupar Angus (FCA) is a community-led development trust founded to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the town Coupar Angus and its immediate surrounding area.

Our Mission

We want to transform Coupar Angus into a buzzing and safe modern town that all residents and especially families and children enjoy being part of. A town that strives to create opportunities for a better social and working environment, while at the same time aiming to fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the community.

Forward Coupar Angus receives grants from various funding organisations including, The Scottish Governments Climate Challenge Fund, Robertson Trust, Perth and Kinross Council, Sustrans and many more to support initiatives that will increase sustainability in our three focus areas: 

1. Social Inclusion

2. Environmental Improvement

3. Economic Development

Some initiatives may overlap and support one another, forming a cohesive, stronger approach to help us achieve our goals. 

We also collaborate with other regional community groups and organisations, including:

· A number of community gardens across Scotland

· Local small scale growers

· Regional The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund projects on a range of environmental initiatives

· The Alyth Development Trust and The Blairgowrie & Rattray Development Trust on jointly developing a cycle path network that will connect all three towns to increase active travel for locals and visitors

Forward Coupar Angus was founded in 2010 and is managed by a Board of Directors. We have 230 members and work with over 70 volunteers who are integral to help sustain our work. Our financial affairs are monitored by our finance officer and audited annually.

Forward Coupar Angus also employs four part-time staff who are funded by the different grant giving organisations to implement and drive the various initiatives.

We are registered as a Private Company Limited by Guarantee (SC386148) and Charity (SC042646), and were established as a Development Trust for the Burgh of Coupar Angus in the Strathmore valley of eastern Perth and Kinross.

To find out more about our past and present Funders and the national bodies we work with, click here 

Board Members

John Palfreyman



John is passionate about everything related to cycling and is driving the development of cycling activities in Coupar Angus. He is also interested in climate change and the effect it has on the environment which strongly ties in with FCA’s cycling project. He wants to encourage people of all ages to get on their bikes - not just for leisure or to stay healthy but for day to day travel to help reduce carbon emissions. John is also involved in writing grant applications for a number of FCA projects.

Val Kidd



Val teaches English to foreigners and aims to help these new Scots integrate into our community. She manages the editorial and print production of the town’s CANdo magazine and gathers local stories and information about news and events. Val is also an accomplished knitter and you’ll recognise her knitted bike. She runs a group of keen ‘yarnstormers’ who meet socially to show each other new and old skills with yarn, sometimes for good causes or just to brighten up Coupar Angus.

Wendy McCombes



Wendy has lived in Coupar Angus for many years, running the dental practice in the town. She leads the growing and cooking projects including the community gardens. The community gardens are now yielding beautiful crops which are being sold in the High Street Store. Wendy now focuses on opportunities to improve the economic aspect of the town’s development for people of all ages in the town through education, training and volunteering initiatives which will help increase people’s employability and build a foundation for the future.

Elaine Hogg



Elaine is married with two grown up kids and has lived in Meigle for over 35 years. She has been a Business Manager with BMW for 13 years and now works with Audi. Prior to that, Elaine was a Branch & Retail Manager with RBS. She wants to be able to use her experience to give back to the community by assisting the FCA team and help build on their success. Elaine enjoys various craft hobbies and is especially interested in the local FCA High Street Store.

Teresa Donaldson



Teresa Donaldson takes care of Forward Coupar Angus financial records and administration. She runs her own business and has many years’ experience of managing both charity and private sector finance records. Teresa also works at the Strathmore Centre for Youth Development (SCYD), a charity aimed at offering young people aged between 11-25 years, information, support and access to a range of services as well as employability, training and volunteering opportunities, where she is responsible for facility, finance and administration.  She is a keen Coupar Angus Cycling Hub convert to the benefits of cycling!

Elly Nicoll



Elly is a marketing professional and has worked with businesses ranging from small start-ups to large international organisations - particularly in the Information Technology and IT Security industry for over 25 years. She moved to Blairgowrie in 2017 and has been getting involved in community projects, where she is able to use her experience to provide advice and apply her skills to help, in this case FCA, promote and build on their success. Elly is also interested in local produce growers and food sustainability. 

John M. Hart



John is a solicitor with the Blairgowrie-based firm Miller Gerrard and he has lived and worked in Blairgowrie for over forty years. He oversees any legal contracts on behalf of FCA. John is married with three children, two of whom work in the same firm. His main hobbies are Scottish Country Dancing and visiting archaeological remains.

Joe Richards



Joe has lived in Coupar Angus for almost all of his life and is married to Anne with two grown up boys. He worked as a hospital pharmacist for 35 years before retiring to pursue his new venture of buying and selling antiques and collectables. Joe gets hand on with the MAD Squad, cajoling the group each Tuesday morning to repair, maintain or help clear paths, grounds and more - anything that needs done around the town. Joe is also the current chairman and a founder member of the Coupar Angus and District Heritage Association.

Kenneth Anderson



Kenny has lived un Coupar Angus for a long time and believes they are the best years. He now has the time to give something back to the town he loves. Kenny is a member of the M.A.D Squad and also manages the operational running of the former Bowling Club which includes the club’s function room and the Coupar Angus Cycling Hub.

Our Staff


Ian Simpson, Project Manager


Ian Simpson, Project Manager

Ian has worked in project management in the environment sector for the past 25 year. He has worked on various trust projects since 2016 and if now project managing the current Climate Challenge Fund project, “Education and Training in Climate Literacy”. 


Grant Murdoch, Cycling Development Officer


Grant joined the Coupar Angus Cycling Hub in 2014. He manages the Hub and focusses on developing and delivering cycling projects and events for people of all ages and abilities. He is passionate about getting more people on bikes and raising awareness of the environmental, social and health benefits of cycling.


Iain Broadhead, Active Travel Coordinator


Iain joined the trust in March 2019 after returning home from living in Canada for 2 years. He believes strongly in active travel and his role is to promote this in the local community. When he isn’t at work you will most likely find him on his bike or out on the hills. 


Charlie Smith, Cycling Hub Workshop Manager


Charlie joined the Coupar Angus Cycling Hub in 2017. He is responsible for managing the operations of the Cycling Hub workshop including sales of new and recycled bikes, after sales, managing stock, servicing and repairs. 


Amandla Taylor, Growing Mentor

 Amandla joined the trust in April 2018 as the Growing Mentor working on the current Climate Challenge Fund project, “Education and Training in Climate Literacy”. She is leading the development of the Coupar Angus Market Garden and is tasked with managing the community garden as well as the other growing sites across the town. Amandla also coordinates the “ ABC & Beyond” Regional Food Funded Project.  


Jane Wilkinson, Training Officer

 Jane joined the trust in March 2019 to develop and deliver training in Climate Literacy. She is developing an access level SQA Core Skills Unit to deliver a basic understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change and working with local groups to further the aims of carbon reduction through active travel; food growing and recycling initiatives. 


Laura Alexander, Student Intern


Laura is a geography student at the University of the Highlands and Islands. She is currently undertaking her work experience module with the trust working on the “Education and Training in Climate Literacy” project.   



Profile to come soon