CANdo Magazine

CANdo - the Coupar Angus & District Community Magazine

The magazine had been published for a number of years before, but by the end of 2012, the future of CANdo was in doubt. Forward Coupar Angus (FCA) took over responsibility of running the local community magazine, CANdo, in early 2013 and under the guidance of a number of FCA directors, CANdo has maintained its position in the community as an important source of information about the community as well as a way of celebrating the achievements of Coupar Angus. 

Our editors welcome opinions and stories from locals and you can find out what the wide range of local organisations, churches and school are organising in the coming months. The magazine also highlights the stories of well-known townsfolk including Coupar Angus's most famous son, the late Alan Gilzean Dundee, Tottenham Hotspur and international footballer.

CANdo is distributed around most retail outlets, businesses, public buildings and school in town, as well as in Meigle, Burrelton and Blairgowrie. Copies are rapidly snapped up and although most stay in the area around Coupar Angus, some are sent to former townsfolk living as far away as Australia and Canada. Mind you, the posting of CANdo on the FCA website now means that the digital version of the magazine can be accessed from all over the world. 

To ensure we keep CANdo on the shelves, FCA is grateful to a large number of local and regional businesses as well as individual donors. 

If you have any interesting stories to share, or would like to sponsor an advert, please contact:

Val Kidd,

You can also read the latest edition in PDF format below.