Education & Training in Climate Literacy


"Carbon literacy training brings all of our projects together"

Forward Coupar Angus's (FCA) wide range of projects are linked by a common thread – reducing the carbon footprint of the town. Carbon footprints are closely tied into Climate Change and through its projects FCA is contributing to the government's desire to make Scotland carbon neutral and a global leader in preventing the worst effects of Climate Change.

But what can individuals do to reduce their carbon footprints and to encourage their friend and neighbours to do the same? We believe that Education and Training are the key. To help people understand the Climate Change issues we have developed a range of training tools to introduce 'Climate Literacy' for local people and for those across Scotland.

We have started with Climate Literacy classes for the Directors of FCA, rolled this out to other groups including those in the neighbouring town of Blairgowrie & Rattray. We have also developed a 'Climate School' for younger people. This School is running very successfully during School holiday periods.

All of our Climate Literacy activities are designed to make people aware of the issues of Climate Change and to show them what they can do to reduce their own carbon footprints.

And how to have a more national impact? With support from the Climate Challenge Fund, FCA is developing a national qualification in Climate Literacy which we hope will become, along with literacy, numeracy and a number of other skills, a 'Core Competency' of the national curriculum. In this way, all of the up and coming generation will understand the need to reduce man's impact on the environment and how, through their own activities, they can contribute to that reduction.

Climate Literacy Workshops

In April 2018, FCA began a new 2-year Climate Challenge Fund project. 

Its overall objective is to develop and deliver an inclusive community education programme to train local people in climate literacy to help reduce personal carbon footprints. A key aim of the project is to facilitate the incorporation of Climate Literacy into established employability skills training mechanisms.

Climate Literacy is about understanding what the impacts are, and will be, of an unsustainable use of carbon. It is also about having a clear idea on how carbon use can be reduced to sustainable levels, and what the benefits of a low carbon lifestyle can be to individuals, businesses and communities.

Currently, Climate Literacy is not embedded in vocational training, not main stream and not a SQA core employability skill in pathways for learning, as ITC, numeracy and literacy are. 

This project will establish a number of interactive training frameworks based on the town’s range of current carbon relevant community activities. Training will be delivered by FCA staff, FCA directors, members, community activists, and volunteers. 

The training will operate at a number of levels from the informal with conversations and subliminal messages, through to the structured. For the latter, we plan to work alongside complementary organisations such as Skills Development Scotland, Perth and Kinross Council, Duke of Edinburgh, SCVO, SQA, local businesses and youth groups, to deliver Climate Literacy Training using established learning mechanisms.

Successful and ongoing training activities includes:

  • Delivering a certified Carbon Literacy Project (originated in Manchester) training as evening sessions and day courses
  • Running a Climate School for 8 to 14yr olds during school holidays.
  • Running an employability training project with Skills Development Scotland
  • Working with Duke of Edinburgh participants
  • Offering climate related Youth Achievement Awards
  • Running workshops at local Climate Cafes
  • Working with Blairgowrie High School to develop a new WAVE subject.

If you, your business or your community organisation would like to participate in some form of Climate Literacy training, please get in touch. 


If you are interested in attending one of the workshops, please contact:

Jane Wilkinson, Education & Training Officer, Forward Coupar Angus: 


Useful Material & Information

If you are looking for more posters or CO2 emission facts, please contact us.

FCA-24 climate change fact cards 1-4 (pdf)


FCA-24 climate change fact cards 5-8 (pdf)


FCA-24 climate change fact cards 9-12 (pdf)


FCA-24 climate change fact cards 13-16 (pdf)


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FCA-PresentationTalk-Carbon Literacy (charity shop) (pdf)


FCA-PresentationTalk-Dont even think about it - Communicating Climate Change PPT (pdf)


FCA-Quiz-Beef or potatoes carbon footprint (pdf)


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FCA-Quiz-test your carbon literacy knowledge (pdf)


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