Forward Coupar Angus

Forward Coupar Angus (FCA) is a community-led development trust founded to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the town Coupar Angus and its immediate surrounding area.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Coupar Angus a lively and modern community that all residents and especially families and children enjoy being part of. Helping our community to create opportunities for a better social and working environment, while at the same time aiming to fight climate change by promoting low carbon living.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the social, environmental and economic aspects of Coupar Angus.

Some of our activities overlap and support one another, forming a cohesive, stronger approach to help us achieve our goals. 

We collaborate with other regional community groups and organisations, including:

· A number of community gardens across Scotland

· Local small scale growers

· Regional The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund projects on a range of environmental initiatives

· The Alyth Development Trust and The Blairgowrie & Rattray Development Trust on jointly developing a cycle path network that will connect all three towns to increase active travel for locals and visitors

Forward Coupar Angus was founded in 2010 and is managed by a Board of Directors. We have 230 members and work with over 70 volunteers who are integral to help sustain our work. Our financial affairs are monitored by our finance officer and audited annually.

Forward Coupar Angus also employs four part-time staff who are funded by the different grant giving organisations to implement and drive the various initiatives.

We are registered as a Private Company Limited by Guarantee (SC386148) and Charity (SC042646), and were established as a Development Trust for the Burgh of Coupar Angus in the Strathmore valley of eastern Perth and Kinross.