Make A Difference (M.A.D)

The MAD Squad

The Make a Difference (M.A.D) Squad is the 'Go To' group for situations when large, small or very odd jobs need to get done in our community. The group's activities range from trimming hedges to moving a polycarbonate greenhouse intact, and lending a hand with community events, from putting up the Coupar Angus Christmas Lights to taking down our award-winning flower hanging baskets. 

But, there is more, in 2017 a small bridge over Coupar Angus burn, a favourite route for walkers (plus or minus dogs) became impassable. The M.A.D Squad fixed it. They have worked on the community and school gardens, helped install central heating and painted or power-washed the outside of buildings that needed cheering up. 

After being awarded a recent grant from Paths for All, we invested in a range of electrically powered gardening tools, including strimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers and a chain saw, which has allowed us to increase the range of activities the group can undertake.

The members of the M.A.D Squad are mostly retired men with a very diverse range of backgrounds including pharmacy, education (High School and University), running a local business, IT, council operations and journalism (writing comic strips). Somehow this interesting mix of people has a sufficient skill base to tackle almost anything! No job in Coupar Angus is too small, and most are not too big either. And if they are too big, then the M.A.D Squad will know a man, or woman, who can help!

If you spot any issues on public pathways or need help with community events, please contact:

Joe Richards,