Our Projects At A Glance



The aims of our cycling project have been to get more people on to bikes for health, fitness and environmental reasons; to impact positively on the carbon footprint of Coupar Angus and to help people understand the connection between cycling and climate change as well as to develop a social enterprise in the town which could offer employment and bring visitors into the town. 

Food & Growing


Forward Coupar Angus’ Food and Growing projects have been evolving since 2010, when it started out as Coupar Angus Food Focus. The project’s aim is to encourage the people of Coupar Angus to  cook better, eat better and use more local produce.



The M.A.D Squad is the group for situations when odd jobs need to get done in our community. Activities range from trimming hedges to moving a polycarbonate greenhouse, and supporting community events, from putting up the Coupar Angus Christmas Lights to taking down our award-winning flower hanging baskets.  



CANdo is an important source of information about the community as well as a way of celebrating the achievements of Coupar Angus. 

Reuse Store


The Coupar Angus charity shop is a prime example of ‘reuse’ - a very significant way of reducing carbon footprints and the impact that we all have on Climate Change. 

Community Woodlands


Butterbank Woodland is not only enjoyed by walkers and nature lovers. Pupils from the local primary school have been involved in planting right from the start and use this woodland area for learning about wildlife, the environment and sustainability.   

The Function Room


The Function Room comprises of a bar area in the function room with large seating availability. Behind the bar area is a small kitchen. It is available for hire and suitable for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Christenings and other social events.