• The Cycling Hub based in premises at the Cross. Bike repairs and maintenance, sales, cycle runs, festivals, work experience – all managed by a Cycling development Officer.

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Facebook : cacyclinghub Twitter : Instagram : cacyclinghub

  • Food Focus. Local food production from two community gardens, cooking skills courses, soup-making, monthly markets – coordinated by a Growing Development Leader.

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  • Make A Difference (MAD). A squad which responds promptly and flexibly to environmental issues as the need arises.
  • Community Woodland. An area on the outskirts of town is being developed as a recreation facility for residents and visitors, and conservation.
  • Yarnstormers. A group involved in a wide range of yarn skills and a base for social interaction while learning crafts.

An overarching aim is to reduce carbon emissions. A Carbon Reduction Leader coordinates much of the above work from premises we have acquired, and which is also a retail business, selling locally produced food, as well as local arts and crafts.

The Projects are financed primarily through grants from a range of providers, especially the Climate Change Fund set up by the Scottish Government.

FCA collates information on local events and publishes CANdo, a monthly magazine for the wider community. This is funded by FCA itself, with the help of local sponsors.