ReUse Store

The Coupar Angus ReUse Store

Coupar Angus has a charity shop which is well known, and well frequented. The shop brings in both locals and people from further afield. It generates income for a whole range of organisations and individuals who use the shop. However, in 2017 the future of the charity shop was in doubt.

Forward Coupar Angus (FCA) recognised the threat, but had no funds to do anything about it. It was then that an idea started to develop. Many of the FCA projects focus on reducing the carbon footprint of the community in Coupar Angus. The charity shop was a prime example of ‘reuse’, a very significant way of reducing carbon footprints and the impact that we all have on Climate Change. 

Step forward the government's low carbon funding initiative, the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF). With support of the CCF and a couple of local investors, FCA bought the charity shop and are now using it to promote the importance of reuse. 

We hope that the development of the shop will be a simple reminder of how individuals can reduce their own carbon footprints. Making an impact, however small, on Scotland's desire to become a leading nation in the fight against Climate Change.

If you are interested in hiring the ReUse Shop, please contact:

Joe Richards,